Our mandates include:

  • Helping senior management and IROs communicate even more effectively with the international investment community
  • Providing a first-class level of support for outreach programmes, either through Capital Markets Days or independent roadshowing
  • Building a wider following among international sell-side analysts through dedicated marketing and roundtable briefings
  • Delivering high quality perception research, based on rigorous analysis, coupled with IR recommendations based on best practice

Managing the Message

  • Equity story messaging
  • Presentation coaching for CEOs, CFOs, operational management and IROs
  • Question and answer handling techniques

“Thank you for yesterday’s coaching. The session was very well organised and extremely useful. I also got good feedback from the management. They found the time well spent.”

Tommi Järvenpää – Director, Investor Relations, Outokumpu

Tracking Market Sentiment

  • Investor and sell-side sentiment research (equity and debt)
  • IR and KPI benchmarking
  • Peer evaluations

“I have now read the perception research report completely. It is excellent! Very comprehensive and detailed. Thank you very much!”

Olli Turunen – Vice President, Investor Relations, Kemira

Facilitating Capital Markets Outreach

  • Institutional intelligence
  • Capital Markets Days / Investor briefings
  • Sell-side marketing programmes
  • Financial media briefings

“On behalf of the Neste management team, I would like to thank you once again for a job well done. We were all very pleased with the CMD arrangements. Also the participants found the event beneficial, and the breakouts were particularly liked.”

Juha-Pekka Kekäläinen – Vice President, Investor Relations, Neste